Lucy Pargeter: Dominic Brunt is my sounding board

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  • 31 December 2020
Lucy Pargeter

Lucy Pargeter

'Emmerdale' actress Lucy Pargeter has admitted her on-screen significant other Dominic Brunt is her "sounding board" in life

Lucy Pargeter says Dominic Brunt is her "sounding board" in life.

The 'Emmerdale' actress – who has played Chas Dingle on the ITV soap since 2002 – has her on-screen significant other Dominic (Paddy Kirk) to thank for helping her to juggle work and life, as she admitted she opens up about any problems to him on set.

She said: "Dom is my sounding board. When we get on set he has me battering his ears for about half an hour with what I've had to go through before I've come into work.

"He's like that, 'Oh, oh, oh.' "

The 43-year-old star finds it "really hard" to juggle her work-life balance, but insisted being on 'Emmerdale' doesn't make it any more difficult than it would doing another job.

She said: "So it's really hard to juggle. But anybody in any job, and any mum or dad who stays at home looking after their kids and trying to run life – it's ridiculously hard.

"I don't think our job makes it any harder, it just means you've got more homework to do when you get home, when you've managed to sort your life out. And everybody is asleep. Hopefully."

The mother-of-three admitted a number of her Dales co-stars have acted as her "confidantes" and "advisors" over the years.

She added: "So with as much help from my mates at work as possible, really. They are my confidantes, my advisors.

"Then when I get home chaos hits, and ... it's interesting."

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