Brendan O'Carroll isn't worried about Mrs Brown's Boys being axed due to political correctness

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  • 31 December 2020
Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown

Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown

'Mrs. Brown's Boys' creator and star Brendan O'Carroll isn't worried about the sitcom being cancelled due to political correctness

Brendan O'Carroll doesn't think 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' will ever be axed due to political correctness.

The 65-year-old star admitted he often wonders if dressing up as a woman to play Agnes Brown is "the same as blackface", but he suggested playing her "as a woman" means he gets away with the character.

He told the Irish Sun newspaper: "I don’t think Mrs Brown will be affected, and I often question myself is Mrs Brown, me a man dressing up as a woman to play Mrs Brown the same as blackface?

"And decided no it’s not, because I’ve never played Mrs Brown as a man playing a woman like they do in films like Mrs Doubtfire. Agnes is a woman like Dame Edna."

Meanwhile, Brendan also pointed to his own morals – and the way he writes the script – as evidence that he "would never" mean to offend anyone.

He added: "I would never go out of my way to be racist or homophobic so I’m not that worried myself because I only write what I think is funny, and you hope that enough of an audience agrees with you.

"Agnes refers to the alternative community as LGBTLMNOP because she doesn’t understand it. She knows what gay is but she doesn’t know what gay is so from that perspective she is able to get away with a lot.”

Brendan's comments come after it was revealed the sitcom's creator is being sued by former co-star Gary Hollywood for constructive dismissal and workplace discrimination.

As well as Brendan, he is also taking legal action against the BBC.

Gary recently explained: "I feel I wasn't being paid equally and I wasn't being given an explanation for decisions.

"When I tried to resolve it, nothing was done. I was just disregarded. But I won't put up with it any more. I won't be treated like that. This has gone too far. They shouldn't do this to people.

"I am taking legal action. The papers have been lodged for a tribunal and the process has now started."

Gary claims he was paid less than his co-stars for spin-off show 'All Round To Mrs Brown's' and says he was dumped from a festive special after raising the issue.

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