Sam Robertson heads to Scottish cave for Coronation Street rest

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  • 31 December 2020
Sam Robertson

Sam Robertson

'Coronation Street' actor Sam Robertson has admitted he goes to Scotland for a few days to spend some time in a cave if he needs a break from filming a "really tough" storyline

Sam Robertson takes himself off to a cave in Scotland "for a few days" if he is part of a "really tough" 'Coronation Street' storyline.

The Adam Barlow actor – who was born in Dundee – heads back to a quiet spot in his homeland now and again to have a break from his character if he is involved in a heavy plot on the cobbles.

He said: "Sometimes if you're having a really tough storyline and a tough few weeks at work you just want to park it and leave the character.

"I take my costume off in my dressing room and sometimes I just want to leave it, and I'll maybe drive up to Scotland and find a little cave somewhere for a few days."

Sam also admitted he wanted to leave parts of his character behind on the actual soap, because he wasn't a massive fan of Adam when he first joined the show.

He explained: "At first not so much because he was a bit of a cocky, arrogant, so and so.

"And sometimes there are scenes I have to play which I find really difficult. But that's the job, that's what I have to do."

And Sam's push for change was successful, with previous show boss Kate Oates agreeing to make Adam "more charming" like his late father Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs).

He added: "When Kate Oates, the previous producer, was talking to me about the character and how I felt about it, I said that we should make him a little bit more charming.

"His old man had that type of charm, but he was cheeky, he wasn't a conniving kind of person. I kind of felt like we were going down that direction, but thankfully Kate was on board with it and the writers were too.

"I feel like we've created this character who's more charming than he was four years ago."

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