Martin Compston 'exhausted' by fatherhood

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  • 30 December 2020
Martin Compston

Martin Compston

'Line of Duty' actor Martin Compston has been left "exhausted" by fatherhood after he became a dad for the first time last year

Martin Compston has been left “exhausted” by fatherhood.

The 35-year-old actor and wife Tianna Flynn recently welcomed their first child into the world and though he was aware being a new parent would “inform” his ‘The Nest’ role – in which he played a wealthy man who, along with his wife, was trying to have a baby through a surrogate – he wasn’t prepared for the fact it would leave him too tired to remember his lines.

He said: "It obviously informed this job, it couldn't not.

"My character is supposed to be exhausted and delirious, and I thought, 'Well, I'll be living that.'

"But there's a difference between coming on set and going, 'I'm living this' and coming on set and not being able to remember your lines because you're so tired you can't see straight.

"People are liars because having a baby is the best thing that's ever happened to you, but it's also the hardest. You've never felt exhaustion like it where you could cry."

Martin hasn’t given many details about his child and though he insisted he isn’t keeping them “secret”, he just doesn’t want to put any further pressure on himself and his wife.

He said: "We live in a weird world where if you don't put something on Instagram, everybody thinks you're keeping it a secret. Everybody who needs to know, knows.

"If I'm keeping it a secret, the 100 people who turned up at the christening were very lucky on the time and date.

“So it's not something I'm hiding, for any new parent it's a terrifying experience and I just don't want any added pressure."    

The family live in Las Vegas so Tianna – who hails from Sin City – can be close to her mother when Martin is away filming for months at a time, and while the ‘Line of Duty’ star is a household name in the UK, his neighbours in the US have no idea he’s an actor.

He added to Red magazine: “When I'm there, it's just the family and the dog. None of my neighbours know I'm an actor, or if they know, they don't care. Me and the missus, we feel like we've lived.

“I'm ready to slow down. I just want to walk the dog and put something on the barbecue, and that's all I want."

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