Sally Dynevor was 'gutted' about life-imitating-art Corrie cancer plot

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  • 30 December 2020
Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor

'Coronation Street' actress Sally Dynevor was "gutted" when she was diagnosed with cancer because she was "worried" about the viewers who were watching the soap wondering why her character Sally Metcalfe, who had also got cancer, had suddenly gone

Sally Dynevor was "gutted" when she had cancer in real life – because she couldn't carry on portraying her 'Coronation Street' cancer plot.

The cobbles legend suffered a bizarre life-imitating-art moment back in 2009 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in the same year her character Sally Metcalfe – who she has played since 1986 – was, and the 57-year-old actress was concerned for the viewers who were wondering why her alter-ego had suddenly left Weatherfield.

She said: "The strange thing about that storyline was I was gutted I got it myself, because I couldn't play the story anymore, which meant I was worried about viewers who were watching it thinking, 'Why is Sally gone? She's suddenly gone.' "

However, Sally is pleased she took on the story, describing it as the "most important" plot she has been involved in, because she heard of so many ladies who checked for breast cancer symptoms as a result.

She added: "But now, when I look back on that it did resonate with people because the amount of women who tell me they checked because of that story ... I'd never really come across anyone who had breast cancer, but then my next door neighbour did.

"It was the most important story I've ever been involved in.

"But then to get it myself ... gosh, life imitating art is just the weirdest thing."

Sally recently admitted she feels "so proud" of how many people's lives 'Coronation Street' – which celebrated its 60th anniversary on December 9th – has touched.

She said: "I'm so proud of 'Coronation Street'. It's just such an incredible programme to be part of.

"I was so happy to be involved in this domestic abuse storyline. It's so important.

"When I watch montages of years gone by and all the stories we've covered over the years, I'm just so proud of this programme.

"How many people's lives this has touched – it's incredible."

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