Charlie Lawson blasts milk thief

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  • 30 December 2020
Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson

'Coronation Street' actor Charlie Lawson has vowed to rip the "arms off" a milk thief if he catches them in the act

Charlie Lawson has been left furious by a thief who keeps stealing his milk.

The 'Coronation Street' actor has publicly slammed the beverage burglar on Twitter as his milk keeps going missing in his village of Prestbury, Cheshire, north west England – and he has vowed to rip the "arms off" the culprit when he catches up with them.

Channelling his 'Corrie' character Jim McDonald, he tweeted: "To the little s*** in our village @PrestburyParish who keeps nicking our milk, missed you by a whisker this morning! Be real careful, if I catch you I’ll rip yer friggin arms off!!!! (sic)"

Charlie admitted if someone is that desperate for a cup of tea, he would make them one himself if they just knocked on his door.

He tweeted: "Makes me angry. As someone said, knock on me door and if you’re that desperate, I’ll do you a cup of tea meself!! (sic)"

Charlie suffered a transient ischemic attack – which is known as a mini-stroke – on the opening night of his portrayal of the titular inspector in play 'Rebus' in 2018, and his partner Debbie Stanley feared the worst when she heard an audience member shout out there was "another Tommy Cooper situation".

Speaking about the inappropriate comment – which is a reference to the late legendary comedian's death aged 64, when he collapsed of a heart attack while filming variety show 'Live from Her Majesty's' in 1984 – Debbie previously said: "Somebody shouted out, 'We've got another Tommy Cooper situation.'

"So if I could've got to them I would've done ..."

Charlie later admitted the incident had changed his outlook on life.

Speaking in June 2019, he said: "I'm fine, I was one of the lucky ones. But when you have a TIA it changes your outlook on life.

"You look at mortality in the face and you embrace it. But I'm fine.

"I did need to just switch off. It affected me emotionally for a couple of months and you do need to sit back and you learn to appreciate more the people you treasure."

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