Jodie Whittaker "devastated" over final scenes with Bradley Walsh

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  • 29 December 2020
Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker had to be carried back to her trailer as she was so upset over Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole's departure from 'Doctor Who'

Jodie Whittaker was "wailing" over her final 'Doctor Who' scenes with Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole.

The 38-year-old actress had to say goodbye to her co-stars – who played bus driver Graham O’Brien and his on-screen step-grandson – after it was announced last month that they would be leaving the BBC One show.

But Jodie was so "devastated" during their final day of filming that the acting duo had to carry her back to the trailer.

She told What's On TV: “On a personal level – absolutely devastated! Without going into any specifics about character or what happens or anything, just purely knowing it was the last scenes with those actors… both of them had to carry me to my trailer! I’ve not cried like that for such a long time. Brad couldn’t cope with it at all and Tosin said he really couldn’t cope with me getting so upset. I was wailing!”

Jodie feels like the characters have become a "family" after their lengthy journey together on the sci-fi show.

She continued: “When you realise it’s the last moment for these four characters or your last moment with that character individually, it’s so emotional. I felt incredibly bereaved about what this journey has been, because this started as us four and that’s so unique. Our whole journey has been together as a family and we’ve clicked like a family and it feels like we’ll never see each other again!”

However, Jodie was excited to film the scenes where her character faces off against the Daleks once again in the Christmas special.

She added: "I think they’re brilliant because they require no previous knowledge of the Doctor Who universe. The TARDIS is a part of people’s vocabulary if they’ve seen the show or not, and so is a Dalek. You have little kids knowing ‘EXTERMINATE!’ even today. When the Doctor has scenes where she’s dealing with – or at times failing to deal with – such an iconic monster, it feels as if it really puts our stamp on our time doing the show. They’re so creepy and scary too… you know you’re going to be upstaged!”

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