Rex' order problem

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  • 21 August 2008


Rex gleefully revealed he has ordered almost no food this afternoon. As Head of the 'Big Brother' House Rex was in charge of this week's shopping budget, but when he entered the Diary Room to make the list he was told the group would have to pay rent to stay in the bedrooms this week.

Although the rent for the basic room was only £15, Rex opted to pay £150 for the luxury bedroom to ensure his girlfriend Nicole would have hair straighteners and a hair dryer to use, but he was not allowed to announce his decision to the rest of the house.

As Nicole quizzed him on what he had ordered, Rex finally came clean about his decision.

He said: "I didn't get anything."

Nicole queried: "Didn't you?"

Rex explained: "I got one banana."

Nicole giggled: "What else did you get?"

Rex responded: "Loads of cigarettes, loads of alcohol and one banana."

Nicole immediately ceased laughing and asked: "Did you get conditioner?"

The student was delighted when her boyfriend revealed he had remembered the essential item.

Earlier, Rex tried to explain to some of the other housemates how difficult the position was to be in.

He said: "You have to understand that if I'd chosen B block then everyone would have been upset about that instead. But, no, because I made the other decision everyone goes the other way."

Sticking up for Head Rex, Rachel said: "I think you made a good decision."

Darnell added: "I would've made the same decision. I would've thought most people would wanna stay in the luxury bedroom."

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