Kaye Adams: I used to be a menopause denier

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  • 29 December 2020
Kaye Adams

Kaye Adams

'Loose Women' panellist Kaye Adams has admitted she used to be a menopause denier, before she eventually became menopausal

Kaye Adams used to be a menopause denier.

The 57-year-old 'Loose Women' panellist admitted she never thought she would get the menopause and it came as a shock when she eventually became menopausal, as she "crumbled in a way [she had] never felt before".

She said: "I was a menopause denier but going off on holiday to the USA on a family holiday, I hunkered down in the toilet cubicle.

"I just crumbled in a way I'd never felt before.

"I hope they don't ever read this but I was on a skiing holiday with eight female friends older than me and wasn't menopausal yet.

"We were having dinner one night and I looked around and they were all fanning themselves. I thought, 'I don't fancy this.' "

And it was her fellow 'Loose Women' panellist Nadia Sawalha who forced her to come to terms with the menopause, and then the "penny dropped".

She added to OK! magazine: "Nadia Sawalha forced me to confront the menopause because she doesn't let you off with things very easily.

"We had this jokey thing between us that I was never going to get it and that I was being hysterical, which used to enrage her.

"But over time, the penny dropped for me. The more friends I spoke to, including Nadia, I wasn't able to deny it any longer.

"Apart from being plain stupid, I wasn't doing myself any good. I was blundering through and getting annoyed with myself for not feeling well."

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