Toby-Alexander Smith eats sausage rolls first thing on Christmas Day

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  • 28 December 2020
Toby-Alexander Smith

Toby-Alexander Smith

'EastEnders' actor Toby-Alexander Smith and his family always chow down on sausage rolls first thing on Christmas Day (25.12.20), before they tuck into any other grub

Toby-Alexander Smith always eats sausage rolls first thing on Christmas Day.

The 'EastEnders' actor – who plays evil Gray Atkins on the BBC One soap – has a family tradition whereby everyone tucks into some of the pastry snacks as their first piece of grub on the big day.

He said: "Every year my mum gets up and makes some sausage rolls – so it's the first thing we eat on Christmas Day.

"Even if it's six in the morning we eat sausage rolls, which is a bit strange."

As well as being an actor, the star fancies himself as a bit of a writer in his spare time, as he and his sister once rewrote the nativity story for their family to play out over the festive period.

He explained: "A couple of years ago me and my sister rewrote the nativity and didn't tell the whole family.

"We gave everyone parts on Christmas Day and we took it very seriously.

"I was Joseph, my brother-in-law was the donkey, my dad was King Herod, and my nan was a Brussel sprout."

Toby-Alexander also recalled his best-ever Christmas present was a mini Jeep he could ride around his estate in when he was a youngster.

Speaking in a video on the 'EastEnders' Twitter account, he added: "Best present would have to be when me and my sister got one of those electric toy cars that you could drive around in.

"We used to drive around the estate in this little Jeep, and it was brilliant. We were the envy of the estate.

"All the other kids would watch and we'd wave and feel like film stars."

He joked: "That was just last Christmas."

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