Lisa flees wasp

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  • 21 August 2008


Lisa amused the rest of the 'Big Brother' housemates by fleeing from a wasp this afternoon. The former body builder has previously admitted she is scared of the insects, but could hardly contain herself when one tried to land on her in the living room.

She ran around the living room squealing the wasp was trying to land on her head.

She moaned: "That's all I need, a big swollen head for tomorrow."

Mikey sympathised, saying the creatures always seemed to be attracted to Lisa.

For a few seconds the house remained calm, before the wasp returned and Lisa began running away from it again.

She said: "It is going to fly in my eye, I just know it. Oh crumbs, that is all I need."

An excitable Mikey began shouting: "Start swatting it! Kill it!"

The pair then retreated to the bathroom to escape the buzzing insect, with Lisa complaining: "It flew at my eye and I quickly had to duck."

Mikey sympathised: "They seem to just definitely go for you."

Obviously warming to the subject, Lisa began complaining about some of the other insects present in the house.

Explaining a moth so big she mistook it for a bat had landed on her foot, she said: "I've never seen a moth that size."

She also claimed the house had housemites, bedbugs and bedmites.

After the discussion, Lisa decided it was time to rid the house of its unwanted visitors.

Trying to convince the others to join her on her mission, she said: "Hunt for the nest! Who wants to hunt for the nest?"

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