Lucy Pargeter: I've never cooked Christmas dinner

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  • 24 December 2020
Lucy Pargeter

Lucy Pargeter

'Emmerdale' actress Lucy Pargeter has never cooked a Christmas dinner, and admitted if she cannot go to her sister's this year for Christmas Day (25.12.20) then she will be buying a festive meal from Marks & Spencer

Lucy Pargeter has never cooked a Christmas dinner.

The 43-year-old actress usually goes to her sister's house for the big day, but if she is unable to do so this year she is planning to order a Marks & Spencer Christmas meal and let her "ovens have the honour" of making her a delicious dinner.

Speaking before the latest coronavirus restrictions were introduced, she said: "I've never cooked a Christmas dinner in my life.

"We usually go to my sister's and have a big Christmas kind of thing, and my sister and her partner do all the cooking, which is absolutely, ridiculously amazing.

"I have put an order in for his bread sauce to be delivered up here if we don't manage to get down there.

"So it'll be Mr Marks and Mr Spencer this year who will be delivering and my ovens will be doing the honour of cooking."

The 'Emmerdale' actress – who plays Chas Dingle on the ITV soap – doesn't tend to be a big pre-Crimbo planner and usually does all her shopping on Christmas Eve before wrapping later that evening.

Asked about her plans for the festive period, she added: "I'm sure it'll be chaos and somewhat testing whatever we do.

"I always used to go into town on Christmas Eve and do all my shopping for presents.

"Wrap Christmas Eve with a bottle of something nice and fizzy, and then wake up the next morning and enjoy the madness.

"I've never been a planner. But now I've got far too many children and my nephew living with me, I think I should make some plans.

"But I'm shopping small this year – I don't want to do the big corporations. So I'm hoping all those small shops can still deliver in time."

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