Sara's Nicole moan

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  • 21 August 2008


Sara moaned about Nicole this morning. The sexy PA has run out of cigarettes and was irritated by Nicole's refusal to share hers, and so proceeded to moan about the situation to fellow 'Big Brother' contestant Lisa.

As the girls were getting dressed in the luxury bedroom, Sara said: "Nicole, how many cigarettes have you got left?"

Obviously unwilling to share, Nicole replied: "Um, like, ten."

Keen to show she would repay the loan when the shopping budget arrives, Sara pressed on: "Do you think you're gonna smoke them all before six o'clock?"

Nicole responded stonily: "Mmm, probably. I don't know. Who knows?"

She then walked out, prompting a furious gossip-session between Lisa - who had witnessed the conversation from her bed - and Sara.

Lisa kicked things off, saying: "In other words, 'No!' "

A resigned Sara replied: "About the cigarettes? That's what I was expecting."

Lisa continued: "I can't believe it. I'm just totally shocked."

Sara agreed: "I know. It's so rude."

Lisa sympathised: "She could give you one or something."

An increasingly irritated Sara fumed: "It's like: I can pay you back at six."

Intent on stirring up trouble, Lisa added: "That's what I mean, it doesn't make sense. It's so tight."

Deciding not to hold her feelings in any longer, Sara said: "I know. The thing that annoys me the most is that I was so generous. If I hadn't given all the ones I have to them it wouldn't really phase me too much. But I was so generous I just feel like a fool now.

"Actually, when I was giving mine out I never, ever thought I was going to get them back I was just giving them because I was being nice. That makes me feel like an idiot."

Lisa agreed, adding: "That's people with money for you. Spoilt."

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