Shaun Williamson would love to reunite with Ricky Gervais

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  • 23 December 2020
Shaun Williamson

Shaun Williamson

'EastEnders' star Shaun Williamson admits he would love to work with Ricky Gervais again after being cast in his comedy shows 'Extras' and 'Life's Too Short'

Shaun Williams would work with Ricky Gervais again at the "drop of a hat".

The 'EastEnders' legend was cast by Ricky in his comedy shows 'Extras' and 'Life's Too Short', with him playing a fictionalised version of himself in both series.

Shaun is still hugely grateful for the parts Ricky wrote for him and although he thinks the writer-and-comedian is giving him a rest he is hopeful that he will work with him again in the future.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I would dearly love to work with him again, and with Stephen Merchant. I was honoured they used me so much. After 'Extras' I did 'Life’s Too Short' with Warwick Davis, I was in four of them, and I did 'The Invention of Lying', playing Ricky's dad in a short scene. I was so lucky, so I think he's given me a rest.

"If Ricky ever needs me again, I'll be there at the drop of a hat."

Shaun is a huge fan of Ricky's Netflix series 'After Life' and although he thinks he would've been perfect to play the role of local newspaper photographer Lenny in the show, he has nothing but praise for Tony Way's portrayal of the dim-witted snapper.

Discussing the programme, he said: "I think I'd probably have had the part of the photographer. He's played brilliantly by Tony Way. Tony is great and he deserves his break, it's a beautiful programme."

Both 'Extras' and 'Life's Too Short' were co-written by Rick and Stephen Merchant, who have since worked on projects separately.

Shaun hopes the pair will reunite in the future but he thinks they just needed a break from each other so they could diversify their comedy.

The 55-year-old actor – who was speaking to promote Raisin UK Savings Marketplace ( – said: "All credit to Ricky and to Stephen, they've both done so well, I was honoured to just be a small part of it.

"Ricky diversified, Stephen diversified, he directed 'Wrestling With My Family'.

"From what I know they've never fallen out, it's just when you get two huge talents, sort of like Lennon and McCartney, eventually you’ve got to go your own way and express yourself in your own way, really and that’s what they’ve done. I hope they can get together for whatever venture and have fun again together.”

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