Kat's Big worry

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 August 2008


Kat is worried about the other 'Big Brother' housemates seeing her nomination tapes. The bubbly masseuse was discussing what might happen in the final week of the show with Darnell and Rachel and admitted she thought their private nominations might be broadcast to the house.

Explaining she thought Big Brother would want to cause tension by playing the nominations, Kat said it would spoil the "happy happy house" she wanted for the final.

Darnell was less worried about the prospect, saying he wouldn't "give a s**t" if his nominations were played.

Rachel echoed his sentiment, saying: "If people hold grudges, that's their decision and I accept that."

An increasingly stressed Kat complained she'd been "living like a goldfish" for so long she" didn't want to get emotional or scared" so close to the final.

Sensing her upset, Darnell and Rachel tried to reassure her Big Brother wouldn't play the nominations because the "final week is usually quiet".

Meanwhile, it has been reported that a surprise double eviction will take place in the final week of the show.

On the Tuesday before the final, two contestants will face the boot while one is set to leave next Wednesday.

A source said: "There hasn't been a mid-week eviction this series so nobody will be expecting it. It will be cruel on the pair that go, but a great surprise for viewers to witness."

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