Billy Mayhew 'would be happier with Todd Grimshaw'

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  • 22 December 2020
Daniel Brocklebank

Daniel Brocklebank

Billy Mayhew "would be happier" with Todd Grimshaw, according to Daniel Brocklebank

Daniel Brocklebank thinks Billy Mayhew "would be happier" with Todd Grimshaw.

The 41-year-old actor believes his 'Coronation Street' character would be more content if he reunited with his former flame, rather than seeking love with Paul Foreman.

He told "They both cause Billy problems.

"Todd was more fun, Paul whinges a lot and Billy has to save him a lot. It feels very parental which isn’t good in a relationship. I think he would be happier with Todd."

Despite this, Daniel actually thinks his character might be better off with someone else entirely.

The soap star said: "He might be happier without either of them. There are a lot more gays in Manchester than just those two!"

Meanwhile, Daniel previously admitted that he relished going back to work after the UK's first coronavirus lockdown.

The long-running soap paused filming earlier this year due to the health crisis, and the actor was delighted when he was finally reunited with his 'Coronation Street' "family".

He said: "It is a different experience but a joyful one.

"'Corrie' is one of the most beautiful places I have ever worked. It sounds like a total cliche but it is like a big family. We all get on really well and those of us that are in are just so grateful to be back and to see each other."

However, Daniel admitted things were markedly different after the first lockdown.

He shared: "The building is now operating in a very different way. We now have a one-way system working around the building – one staircase is up, the other is down and you don't really bump into anybody that you're not working with.

"Whereas before you'd bump into each other in a corridor and be able to have a natter but you don't walk in the same direction now."

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