Bonnie Anderson will focus on music in 2021

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 December 2020
Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson

According to Bonnie Anderson, she intends to focus on her music career in 2021

Bonnie Anderson plans to focus on her music career in 2021.

The 26-year-old star – who joined 'Neighbours' in 2018 – has revealed she intends to dedicate more time and attention towards her music career next year.

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper, Bonnie explained: "Next year is going to be really exciting for me, a whole new ball game, and I'm going to really hone in on my music.

"I want that as my main focus and priority. I'm going to spend time in the studio and really nut it out and spend time being true to who I am."

Bonnie also admitted she's learned a huge amount about herself and the wider world over the last 12 months.

She said: "I've learned so much from this year and mainly I've learned appreciation."

The actress won 'The Masked Singer' in Australia earlier this year.

And following her success, the soap star admitted that the 'Neighbours' cast all suspected she was the person beneath the costume.

Bonnie – who plays Bea Nilsson on the iconic soap – shared: "They all knew that it was me for sure – they were hassling me left, right and centre! I'd walk down a hallway and everyone would be singing the songs that my character on 'Masked Singer' was singing!"

Bonnie admitted that maintaining her secret was especially difficult because she's a "terrible liar".

The actress – who also auditioned on 'Australia's Got Talent' at the age of 12 – said: "It was a pretty hard thing trying to hide that I was on the show. I even hid it from my parents, and I'm a terrible liar!"

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