Contestants' sexy game

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 August 2008


Darnell and Mikey upset some of the other housemates with their sexual banter last night. After the 'Big Brother' contestants had spent much of the evening playing innocent games like musical chairs, Mikey decided to liven things up be introducing a saucier type of play.

The group had been attempting to guess what each other were thinking during one game, but when it was Mikey's turn to be the thinker he told the others he was going to imagine a sexual position.

Thrilled by the new take on the game, Darnell shouted: "Donkey! Carousel! Missionary!"

However, in his excitement the US rapper had failed to notice the rest of the housemates had left the sofa as they didn't want to play.

Darnell moaned: "No one wants to get involved. Everyone's too ashamed to admit what they've done. What was it Michael? I want to know. Is it common? The Scottish Scampi?"

Nicole was particularly upset by the game and accused Rex of talking about things he "had done with other girls".

She added: "You talked about them in so much depth and laughed."

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