Jodie Foster's 25m split

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  • 21 August 2008

Jodie Foster's 25m split

Jodie Foster's split with Cydney Bernard may cost her $25 million.

The 'Silence of the Lambs' star separated from Cydney, her partner of 14 years, in May to start a relationship with writer Cynthia Mort, 51, and reports now suggest she could lose a quarter of her estimated $100 million in alimony payments.

According to the National Enquirer magazine, Cydney could legally ask for the massive sum because half of Jodie's fortune was made when they were together.

Jodie, 45, is reportedly keen to keep Cydney, 54, happy in order to avoid losing the sum, and Cydney is being allowed to live rent free in one of the actress' homes.

The Oscar-winning actress is also allowing Cydney to regularly visit Jodie's sons Charles, nine, and six-year-old Kit, as well as giving her an annual six-figure payment.

A source said: "She wants Cydney and Cynthia to be friends. Jodie realises that if Cydney perceives them to be one big happy family, she'd never sue for half her assets."

Jodie - who has never revealed the identity of her children's father - and Cydney were reportedly seen together in Tokyo earlier this week, where the actress is promoting her new movie 'Nim's Island'.

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