Kirsty Gallacher was 'skinny, anxious wreck' after divorce

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  • 21 December 2020
Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Gallacher

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher opens up on the physical impact of her divorce

Kirsty Gallacher admitted she became "a skinny, anxious wreck" after her divorce.

The 44-year-old TV presenter – who was married to England rugby star Paul Sampson for five years before they ended their marriage in 2015 – has opened up on the physical impact of their breakup, and how personal trainer Mel Deane helped her cope after he was recommended by Rio Ferdinand.

Speaking to 'Dancing On Ice' star Graham Bell on Decathlon's new 'The Power of Ten' podcast, she said: "To be honest, well, that's sort of when I came to meeting Mel [Deane] and probably he saved me in many ways.

"I was a skinny, anxious wreck, traumatized because of lots of reasons around the divorce. [Divorce is] much more complex than people know.

"There are things you keep private. And I think that Mel got to know me and what I’d been through and was amazing for me.”

Kirsty explained that "like anyone", there are times when she can't fit in as much exercise as she'd like, but she makes sure to stick to a "schedule"/

She added: "If you’ve got really busy times and you’re up to your eye for whatever reason, or you’ve got stuff going on emotionally or your kids, there’s something, I think it’s that commitment, isn’t it?

"And not letting that go because I do keep it all going. And I schedule my sessions. I’m very committed, If I feel like when one week is busier, I get this guilt thing…

"I know there’s nothing you can do because we can’t all have it all our own way all the time, but I hate that feeling. It makes me feel out of control. That’s the hardest thing about being committed.”

Kirsty – who was in a relationship with Paul for 15 years before their split – previously revealed she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following her divorce.

She said: "The divorce was a very difficult period. I found it devastating.

"I was grieving and mourning. I think I had PTSD. I was skinny, not eating and wanting to black it all out. It was painful."

Decathlon’s 'Power of Ten' podcast. including the episode with Kirsty Gallacher, is available to stream or download via Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and all other major podcasting channels.

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