Dr Alex George to spend Christmas alone

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  • 20 December 2020
Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George is being forced to spend Christmas alone, after the British government introduced new lockdown measures

Dr Alex George is being forced to spend Christmas alone.

Following the introduction of new Covid-19 lockdown measures by the British government this weekend, Alex – who lost his younger brother Llŷr, 20, to suicide earlier this year – has revealed he will not be able to travel to spend Christmas with his family in Wales.

He wrote on Instagram: "Looks like I will be alone in London this Christmas. As hard as it is to swallow and as upsetting as it is for the family, I will do what is necessary."

However, Alex, 27, has vowed to spend the festive break helping others and he will pick up extra shifts at the hospital where he works in order to look after those who are spending Christmas away from their own families.

He added: "I am going to offer my help to the hospital over Christmas, to look after those who are sick and away from their families at this time.

"This year has been c*** but I refuse to lose hope or despair. I will not let this get me down.

"I am sending positivity and love to anyone affected by tonight’s announcement. Remember. There is always hope of a better day."

Meanwhile, Alex recently spoke about his shock at Llŷr's death in June, saying he had no idea his younger brother was suicidal.

He said: "It's been a tough few months, he passed on the 23rd of June so not that long ago. I'm probably still very much in a numb phase.

"I went through the horror, shock, breakdown in the first few weeks. It was out of the blue entirely. As an older brother, it's tough to have a younger sibling do that. He had a place in medical school, he was due to start this year.

"I'll never get over it, I think it will take me a long time to accept it. It was very much out of the blue. I think he was anxious about his exam results but we certainly didn't think he felt like that."

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