Housemates' alcohol games

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  • 21 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates played games to win alcohol last night. The group were delighted when they were provided with drinks early in the evening, but decided to play a variety of games using the alcohol as prizes to liven up their night.

At Head of House Rex' instigation, a table of drinks was set up. The contestants then took turns to try to throw bottle tops into the glasses, with those who were successful winning the drink.

Rachel was thrilled with the idea, saying: "I love this game!"

However, Rex' girlfriend Nicole was not so positive. She sat watching the group play, prompting Rex to approach her and ask if she'd like a turn.

She said: "It's boring. It's not my sort of game."

Rex replied: "You're boring for sitting there."

Later, the contestants organised a game of musical chairs with Rex beat-boxing to provide the music.

After Mohamed won the first round, Darnell moaned: "Mo always wins musical chairs. It's 'cos he's got a fat a*s."

At the end of the next round, Lisa grumbled Darnell had pushed her out of the way to ensure he won.

The group decided the pair should play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to decide a winner, but the idea was abandoned when it became apparent Lisa didn't know the rules.

The housemates also tried to discover which of them was the "grossest" - with Lisa providing entertainment by burping on cue - and conducted a wheelbarrow race.

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