Jorgie Porter likens Theresa McQueen plot twist to a thriller film

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 December 2020
Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter loved watching Theresa McQueen's unveiling as Silas Blissett's mystery mole

Jorgie Porter has likened Theresa McQueen's unveiling as Silas Blissett's mystery mole to a thriller film.

The 32-year-old actress returned to 'Hollyoaks' earlier this year to reprise the role of Theresa, and she's relished her latest storyline.

She said: "It's like one of those films, when you see the twist at the end, and you want to go back and re-watch it knowing about it, and go 'Oh!'"

Jorgie confirmed she was aware of the plot twist before she agreed to return to 'Hollyoaks'.

She told "Brian Kirkwood told me they had this big story, and then he was like: 'Theresa is behind it!', and I was like: 'No!'"

The actress also offered some possible reasons behind Theresa's behaviour.

She said: "I think her reasons for it is that she is ultimately just so in love, and with Theresa, she loves so much, that she ends up doing such bad things with these men! But she does it because she wants to be loved, and wants everyone to love her. It’s sad in a way, because it never works out the way she wants it to.

"She has no idea that Silas is involved. And that’s a huge thing. It’s the worst thing possible, really because she trusts Seth so much, and obviously she knows what Silas has done in the past. She knows how bad it is to be involved with him.

"I think as she’s doing it, she has a slight feeling of guilt, because she knows that her family are great people, but they do all have their problems.

"But then also, it goes to her having problems as well, so she wants to relate to her family, but also thinks, 'But me and Seth will go away and be in love together. We’ll have this happy family!' That’s all she’s thinking. The ideal loved-up situation."

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