Shirley Ballas is ready to marry Danny Taylor

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  • 18 December 2020
Shirley Ballas and Danny Taylor

Shirley Ballas and Danny Taylor

'Strictly Come Dancing' star Shirley Ballas has suggested she's ready to marry Danny Taylor

Shirley Ballas is ready to marry her boyfriend Danny Taylor.

The 60-year-old ballroom dancer has been dating Danny, 48, for the last two years, and after growing closer during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, he's suggested they could soon walk down the aisle.

Asked if marriage was on the cards in the future, Danny replied: "It is a great institution. So watch this space.

"You just don’t know what could be in the pipeline."

Shirley – who serves as the head judge on 'Strictly Come Dancing' – has been married twice before, to ballroom dancers Sammy Stopford and Corky Ballas.

And the TV star suggested she's also keen to tie the knot – possibly as soon as next year.

Responding to Danny's marriage hint, she said: "That's coming from him not me!"

The 'Strictly' star admitted the coronavirus lockdown has helped to bring them closer together over recent months.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We got to spend the whole of lockdown together.

"So we really got to know each other on a more personal level. We used to see each other once a week. Now we see each other every day, so we learned a lot about each other."

Shirley also hopes her relationship will encourage other women to never give up on romance.

The star admitted Danny has transformed her life, saying they've been on a "beautiful journey" together.

Shirley – who joined the 'Strictly' judging panel in 2017 – said: "Nobody should ever give up on love. I think I had. And then I met Danny. But to everyone out there, and anyone still looking, you never know what’s round the corner.

"As [Danny and I] sit here today, we definitely are in love with each other and it’s been a beautiful journey."

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