Emmerdale's Patrick Mower gets coronavirus vaccine

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  • 17 December 2020
Patrick Mower

Patrick Mower

'Emmerdale' actor Patrick Mower, 82, has received the coronavirus vaccination and described it as "simple and painless"

Patrick Mower has received the coronavirus vaccination.

The 'Emmerdale' actor – who has played Rodney Blackstock on the ITV soap since 2000 – described getting the vaccine as "simple and painless" after attending his appointment in Lincolnshire on Wednesday (17.12.20).

In a post shared by Lincolnshire NHS, the 82-year-old star said; "Getting my COVID vaccination was incredibly simple and painless.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have had it & would like to thank all the wonderful NHS staff for making it happen."

Meanwhile, Patrick's co-star Claire King has admitted she didn't leave the house for the first few months of the pandemic.

The Kim Tate actress has been carefully shielding for six months due to having a compromised immune system, which stems from suffering rheumatoid arthritis, because she doesn't want to "muck around with coronavirus".

As a result, she was away from the Dales for longer than other cast members, with Kim's absence attributed to a business trip.

Claire recently said: "I could have gone back earlier but because of my low immunity due to my rheumatoid arthritis, 'Emmerdale' thought they’d better not risk it and decided to write me out until they knew it was safe.

"You can’t muck around with coronavirus and for the first month or two I basically didn’t go out of the house.

"Unfortunately I know people who’ve got it and people who have died from it, so you have to take it seriously and you’ve got to be respectful of others."

Earlier this year, she hardly ventured beyond the garden gate of her house.

The actress was determined to remain disciplined during the health crisis, and she ended up enjoying spending time at home with her businessman partner.

She added: "I was really strict. We just stayed in. Luckily, we get on fine and we watched lots of box sets."

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