Caucasion Chalk Circle

Dundee Rep, until Sat 3 Feb


We’ve got so wrapped up with having our own National Theatre in Scotland that we’ve been apt to forget of recent times that there’s also a pretty formidable one south of the border, still obliged by its remit to visit us once in a while. The latest of these visits - this time in a co-production with Filter theatre company - is a pretty fleeting one to Dundee with Brecht’s still relevant political classic.

In case you don’t know the story, we meet a young servant girl, who at the onset of a civil war, is left with the baby of a noble woman. She raises the child on the edge of poverty, bringing him through various potentially lethal adventures and an abusive marriage, only to find that the posh biological mother wants him back when things settle down. A mighty allegory about nature, nurture and an exploitative class system, the piece is bound to pack a punch.

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