BBC set to make drama about the miners' strike

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  • 17 December 2020
James Graham

James Graham

'Sherwood', a BBC drama about the miners' strike, is set to air in 2021

The miners' strike will be the focus of a new BBC drama in 2021.

James Graham – who wrote Channel 4’s 'Brexit: The Uncivil War' – is set to explore the legacy of the strike in the 1980s in 'Sherwood'.

A TV source said: "James is in the Premier League of British writers so it’s a real coup for the BBC to get him.

"The drama is also likely to attract a stellar cast thanks to his reputation for drawing big names to his leading roles."

James recently wrote 'Quiz' for ITV, the show that looked at the story of Major Charles Ingram and the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' cheating scandal.

The acclaimed drama featured the likes of Michael Sheen and Sian Clifford, and it's hoped that his latest effort will attract similarly well-known stars.

The source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "In 'Quiz', Michael Sheen played game show host Chris Tarrant and in 'Brexit: An Uncivil War' Benedict Cumberbatch was Dominic Cummings.

"So expect actors of a similar calibre to sign up for 'Sherwood'."

Michael, 51, appeared as Chris Tarrant in the TV drama, and he revealed the former 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' host is now convinced that Charles cheated his way to the jackpot.

He said earlier this year: "I met him a couple of days after I’d finished filming.

"I was at the Pride of Britain awards and I heard this voice behind me saying, ‘Don’t look anything like me!’ And there he was. He was obviously interested about what was going to happen.

"I think he said, ‘I hope they don’t do anything silly like try to make it look like they didn’t do it.’ So it’s fairly clear which side he comes down on."

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