Gemma Collins nearly got stuck in a bath after pigs in blankets feast

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 December 2020
Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins has vowed to "stop eating" after she nearly got stuck in a bath, after she gorged on pigs in blankets and a scotch egg

Gemma Collins nearly got stuck in a bath after feasting on pigs in blankets.

The former 'TOWIE' star was enjoying a drink at plush London department store Fortnum & Masons recently, but due to latest Covid-19 rules she had to order some grub every time she had a beverage, and as a result she was left with a number of the sausage and bacon snacks to chow down on, as well as scotch egg snubbed by her pal.

She said: "I have got to stop eating. The new rule is every time you want a little glass of wine or a mulled wine, you have to order food. And well I nearly got stuck in the bath.

"I’m not joking. We all know I’m dramatic but I seriously nearly got stuck in the bath at the hotel.

"I had a nice glass of wine at Fortnum & Masons and that was on my bucket list to do. And literally they said, ‘You’ve got to order some food.’

“Well I’d just eaten at the last place I’d had a glass of wine at. So I said, 'I’ll have some pigs in blankets.'

"Then my mate wanted a mulled wine and I was like, 'Right OK, I’ll have to order a scotch egg as well.' Then my mate goes, 'I don’t eat scotch eggs.'

"So there I am faced with pigs in blankets and a rather large scotch egg with a side of piccalilli – well I had to eat it."

Gemma is really hoping the country goes "back to normal" soon because she doesn't fancy outstaying her welcome in the tub again.

Speaking on 'The Gemma Collins Podcast' she explained: "I’m just hoping that soon we will resume back to normal because I don’t fancy getting stuck in the bath any longer."

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