Shelley King recalls 'scary' roof stunt due to heights fear

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  • 15 December 2020
Shelley King

Shelley King

'Coronation Street' actress Shelley King has admitted it was "scary" shooting a special roof stunt for the soap's 60th anniversary last week, because she "hates heights"

Shelley King found it "scary" filming her rooftop stunt on Coronation Street's 60th anniversary episode – because she "hates heights".

The 65-year-old star's character Yasmeen Metcalfe was chased up onto her house roof by her abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) last week, which resulted in him falling to his death, but the actress was frightened filming the stunt – in which she had to cling onto the top of the roof – and used muscles she hadn't used in "a long time".

When asked what it was like filming the scenes, she said: "Scary, I hate heights.

"I mean, I hate heights, but we had some wonderful stunt people keeping us safe all the time.

"We had some great people helping us. It was still quite tiring being up on a roof like that.

"You do have to use muscles, as a 65-year-old woman I hadn't used in a long time."

Ian admitted his body clock went "completely out of kilter" filming the night shoots.

He said: "It was wet and it was cold and it was late at night, all night.

"And your body clock goes completely out of kilter."

What's more, Shelley thought of her mum a lot while filming the soap's 60th anniversary special, because she would be "so proud" of her.

Speaking on 'Corrie Good News' on the soap's YouTube channel, she added: "To be a part of what I've been watching ever since I was a little kid … now, I think of my mum a lot.

"She would be so proud."

'Corrie' turned 60 last Wednesday (09.12.20), and Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the soap as a "great British institution".

He wrote on Twitter: "The residents of Weatherfield have entertained us for six fantastic decades with gripping storylines & characters loved by many. Coronation Street is not only a great British institution but a place where many across our country feel at home. Happy 60th Birthday @itvcorrie (sic)"

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