Mikey punches Rachel

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 August 2008

Mikey hit Rachel this afternoon

Mikey punched Rachel in the face this afternoon. The blind housemate was practicing his routine for the group's Michael Jackson 'Thriller' performance later today.

But when the Welsh beauty contest runner-up got in his way, Mikey accidently smacked her on the nose.

Rachel said: "It is my fault, I got in your way, Mikey."

Mohamed examined the injury and said it did not look too serious.

Rachel added: "You've got a good punch on you. Don't you worry, it was my own fault for getting in the way."

The sweet-natured trainee teacher tried to forget about the incident as she encouraged Mikey's dance steps.

The housemates must pass today's task in order to secure a luxury shopping budget.

But troubles plagued today's rehearsals after a bee frightened Lisa and Rex argued with Mikey over his ability to grasp the sequence.

Head of house Rex later refused to help Mikey, saying he was picking on his girlfriend Nicole.

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