Kat caged again

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  • 20 August 2008

Kat was jailed, again

Kathreya has been sent to jail. The bubbly housemate was ordered to lock herself up in the creepy garden cage, but said she was not allowed to reveal Big Brother's reason for incarcerating her.

Housemates have been speculating Big Brother may have imprisoned the 30-year-old cookie fiend to keep her from participating in the dance task.

The Thai masseuse left the Diary Room this afternoon and said "jail".

Mohamed and Rachel could not believe the usually sweet-natured housemate had been punished again after being released for discussing nominations just last week.

Mohamed said: "Are you serious? No, Liar!"

Kat made her way to the outside cell and informed her fellow contestants she couldn't tell them what she had done.

She said: "I can't say anything. Ill tell you later, I'm not lying, I'm gong to jail again. I can't even brush my teeth or anything."

Selfless Mohamed offered to keep his friend company during her sentence.

He said: "Ill come in there with you."

Kat replied: "No Mo. Maybe you could just get me a glass of water later."

She added: "Not again. Last three weeks are so bad for me. I think I'll just have to watch you dance."

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