Darnell's dream escape

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 August 2008

Darnell left the house in a dream

Darnell dreamed he left the 'Big Brother' house and went to school. The imaginative songwriter relayed his nocturnal adventure to Mohamed as the sleepy Somalian brushed his teeth.

Darnell said: "Everyone was in my dream. You were in it. Dale was in it.

"In this dream, we got to leave the house. We got to go to school; like high school and university.

"In class, I saw two groups come in. There were 10 girls I knew. Some guys I knew from out of town.

"Then we went to a house party that night. Then came back and we were in the luxury bedroom. Everyone was just joking around."

He added: "My dreams are weird."

Darnell is not the only one to have had bizarre night time wonderings about the house.

Rachel has previously revealed a dream in which she had been evicted. Host Davina McCall thought she was boring and made her get changed because she didn't like her dress.

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