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Arena Flowers Christmas Collection: 'a striking array of hand-tied arrangements, wreath making kits and more'

Arena Flowers Christmas Collection

The Damson bouquet in full bloom

Looking for an alternative way to send love in the mail? Spread seasonable cheer with luxury Christmas flowers

Christmas 2020 is set to be a challenging one and now more than ever shoppers are looking for alternative ways to send love in the mail. How about sending seasonal cheer and a wonderful gift in the form of flowers? The Arena Flowers Christmas Collection features a striking array of luxury hand-tied arrangements, letterbox flowers, wreath making kits and pre-made luxury wreaths all ready to be shipped to loved ones.

I was lucky enough to receive a bouquet from Arena Flowers back in July when they launched their ethical flower subscription service and was taken aback by their truly gorgeous blooms and the flawless, waste-free service they offer. With the opportunity to sample the Christmas Collection my expectations were high, but luckily the Arena Flowers service did not falter.

Browsing the 2020 Arena Flowers Christmas Collection you'll find a range of tastefully festive, beautifully curated and immaculately presented flora and fauna. Believe it or not, their luxury bouquets are shipped via courier and, thanks to Arena Flowers' 100% recyclable, cleverly designed upright secure boxes, the blooms arrived in perfect condition. All flowers are shipped with free next day delivery (order before 7pm) to ensure freshness.

Arena Flowers Christmas Collection

The Winter Wish Bouquet

From the Christmas Collection, the Winter Wish bouquet features a selection of holly berries, pine cones, foliage and an eclectic mix of peach avalanche, Notting Hill and Jana Spray roses hand-tied and pre-arranged. The flowers selection makes up one of the lightest and brightest in the collection, evoking crisp snowy mornings with a twinkle of glitter spritz asparagus fern.

Arena Flowers Christmas Collection

The Damson Bouquet

The Damson bouquet – made up of chrysanthemums, soft bell-shaped purple lisianthus, red roses, red hypericums, white eryngiums and festooned with pine cones and holly berries – was a stand-out favourite from this selection. The dense bouquet is full of rich festive colours and immensely eye-catching textures. The Damson needed regular water changes and top-ups but after ten days this bouquet has held up extremely well, with almost all the flowers still in bloom.

Arena Flowers Christmas Collection

The letterbox Winter Foilage

The Winter Foliage is just one of many DIY options in this year's selection. The letterbox-sized parcel features blue eryngiums, bright red hypericums with an assortment of stems and a cinnamon stick and came ready to assemble. The snow sprayed pine reminded me of my childhood Christmases. Creating a display of contrasting colours with a wonderful scent was a refreshing and fun experience. Having the option to create your own wreath or try your hand at flower arranging would serve as two gifts in place of one this festive season.

Arena Flowers Christmas Collection

The quality, variety and luxuriousness of the Arena Flowers Christmas Collection scores exceptionally high, making them a brilliant choice to gift this Christmas. Ten days on the blooms continue to brighten up my home and inject festive cheer. Though flowers bring only momentary joy, sending a bouquet by Arena Flowers will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Arena Flowers Luxury Christmas Collection ranges from £23.98—£149.98 with free next day delivery. Browse the range and save 5% on your order with code 5OFFAFF.