Some Young Pedro - album review (3 stars)

Some Young Pedro

Some Young Pedro (Badboxr)


Glasgow, it seems, will never tire of bands like Some Young Pedro. Kind of like a testosterone-fuelled Mogwai, they subvert ideas of what are commonly referred to as listenable music with a collection of mostly instrumental power-riffs, occasional and almost subtle psychedelic diversions, and the odd hard-to-hear broken glass lyric.

The result is cathartic, and a fair amount of fun, but you kind of suspect this lot would be much better enjoyed live. Top marks, certainly, for their song titles, a motley procession of anti-heroes, musical and otherwise. Sadly, however, the buzzing, detuned throb of ‘Japan’ and ‘Jehova’ are better than the cryptic ‘Barrymore’ (Michael? Drew?) and ‘Michael Ball’ (the singer or the ex-Rangers player?). Potential chart-toppers all, in some weird other dimension.

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