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Emily (aged 6) reviews Little Cooks Co: 'amazing, almost too good to eat!'

Emily (aged 6) reviews Little Cooks Co: 'amazing, almost too good to eat!'

Emily tops her freshly baked carrot cake

What did Emily make of the healthy and organic kid-centric cooking kit?

When we asked Emily, aged 6, if she likes baking, she proclaimed 'YES I DO!' so it only seemed fair that she should be the one to tell us what cooking with Little Cooks Co is like. Little Cooks Co is a home cooking subscription box service designed to get kids and parents together in the kitchen.

Their cooking kits feature easy-to-follow recipe cards and all the organic, refined sugar-free dry ingredients needed to get cooking new and exciting recipes with every delivery. The ingredients are pre-measured for ease and the experience has been designed to equip children with the skills and confidence to cook, whilst also having fun in the kitchen. Emily was sent a personalised Little Cooks Co box with a recipe, ingredients and surprise extras including conversation cards and stickers, and gave it a whirl with help from her dad Brendan.

Emily's Little Cooks Co review

What did you bake today?
Emily: A carrot cake

Is it something you have baked before?
Emily: Nope

What kind of cooking actions did you need do?
Emily: I grated some carrots, did some mixing and oh, I've forgot what it's called... measuring! I did lots of measuring.

Emily (aged 6) reviews Little Cooks Co: 'amazing, almost too good to eat!'

Did you enjoy cooking with this box of ingredients and instructions?
Emily: Yes I did!

Was it easy, so-so or hard to do?
Emily: Simple, a piece of cake!

Did you get much help from dad?
Emily: Not that much.

Big question Emily, how does the stuff you made taste?
Emily: Amazing, almost too good to eat!

How fun was it if ten is the best fun ever and one is rubbish?
Emily: Ten!

Emily (aged 6) reviews Little Cooks Co: 'amazing, almost too good to eat!'

What was the best bit about baking today?
Emily: I liked flattening out the cake into the tin. Oooo, I also like watching the carrots get grated up in the machine.

I put some cinnamon in it and I didn't know what would happen and I blew it and loads of dust came bounding up in my face! It was so funny. We laughed for like five minutes.

Anything you wish had been different or better?
Emily: Ummmm, no I think it was all good.

Would you like to cook with Little Cooks Co again?
Emily: Yes please, I would!
Emily's dad: What you can't see there was a double thumbs up!

Emily (aged 6) reviews Little Cooks Co: 'amazing, almost too good to eat!'

As Little Cooks Co is designed to get families together in the kitchen and Emily needed supervision and a (tiny) bit of help, we asked Brendan to review his experience as the parent in the room, watching a six-year-old blow ground cinnamon about the place.

Dad's review

How did you find the Little Cooks Co recipe box experience?
Brendan: Despite cooking all sorts of things in my life, this was the first time I've ever baked a cake. It was brilliant fun, half teaching and half being taught by my 6-year-old daughter. We laughed and messed about pretty much from start to finish and got to share some quality time with each other as well as bake a fantastic tasting cake.

I also liked the conversation starter ideas which came in the box. We asked 'what do you think the future will be like' and 'if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?' around the table as everyone had a slice. The questions led to all sorts of interesting answers and ideas.

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