Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine (2 stars)

Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

Celeb aid can't save a crushingly disappointing sketch show from TikTok star

A sensation from the early days of Lockdown Part 1 (remember that bygone age?), Sarah Cooper's TikTok videos of her lip-synching to Trump's more insane excesses showed what she could do over the course of several seconds. Netflix has taken a leap of faith that the author and comedian can expand upon her wit and deliver more than a series of soundbites to stretch across 50 minutes. Sadly, the tactic of gathering up a bunch of showbiz pals does little to help when she is exposed by such poor material.

Set on a US TV morning show entitled Everything's Fine where its host (Sarah Cooper) keeps smiling through when everything from a killer meteorite to the latest Trump tweets attempt to destroy civilisation. Her producer (Fred Armisen loading himself up with a wide range of increasingly exaggerated PPE) sends prompts and cues that help no one, as she banters on full passive-aggressive mode with her colleagues in a style familiar to anyone who has seen everything from The Day Today to This Time With Alan Partridge.

The likes of Jane Lynch, Jon Hamm, Ben Stiller and Winona Ryder are rolled out to offer some semblance of starry credibility to proceedings, but almost every one of their sketches are predictably written and weakly executed. There's a sort-of warm, comforting glow to be felt when Cooper resorts to a Trump lip-synch, but the finest moments are reserved for the wilfully deranged and frighteningly surreal. There's a decent Get Out-esque satire with black guests reflecting smilingly on their marginalised treatment at Mar-a-Lago while Helen Mirren joins Cooper in a gender-swapping reconstruction of the notorious 'grab 'em by the pussy' Access Hollywood tapes.

You get the feeling that Sarah Cooper would love nothing more than Trump to lose the election so she can dump him and move on to something new. But on the evidence of Everything's Fine, she might need to work harder to find a better outlet for her talents.

Netflix, available now.

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