Nicole: 'I'm off'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 August 2008

Nicole says she will walk

Nicole has confirmed she will be walking out of the 'Big Brother' house. The stroppy 19-year-old told boyfriend Rex she is "100%" certain she will quit the show after discovering she faces eviction alongside Lisa and Sara later this week.

She is currently the bookie's super hot favourite for the axe, with odds of 1/6.

She said last night: "I'm just going to go tomorrow. I'm 100% going".

The blonde beauty blamed Rex for getting her hopes up about her popularity in the house.

She asked him: "Why didn't you believe me? Why were you so sure in making me believe I wasn't up?"

Arrogant chef Rex reminded Nicole she was not allowed to discuss nominations.

Earlier, Nicole accused those who were not in her chosen group in the house of putting her forward for the boot.

She said: "It's just people that aren't in the group. That's all it is. It's pretty obvious."

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