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  • 20 August 2008

Nicole is favourite for the boot

Sara, Lisa and Nicole all face eviction this week. The female housemates received the majority of their fellow contestants' nominations and will face the public vote for Friday's eviction.

Sara has riled housemates with her flirtatious behaviour, with Kat and Mohamed worrying she was leading the insecure songwriter on.

Even Darnell - who was previously close with the sexy Aussie and once admitted he fancied her - voted for the 27-year-old PA to get the boot.

Lisa sparked a huge house row last week by giving greedy Mohamed some cans of cider she believed were spare, but Rex claimed they belonged to him.

And Nicole received five nominations as her stroppy spats with boyfriend Rex have begun to wear thin on frustrated housemates.

Mikey said: "At the deep root of Nicole's personality I think she is quite selfish - I think she likes everyone running about after her."

The 19-year-old student is bookie's super hot favourite for the axe, with odds of 1/6.

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