Maxxx (3 stars)


Sitcom with a strong cringe factor but O-T Fagbenle's steamroller performance keeps things on track

In the glorious tradition of delusional protagonists such as David Brent and Alan Partridge comes a human wrecking ball called Maxxx. The former member of a boyband trio whose life and career spiralled horribly out of control is plotting a solo comeback which nobody seems to want, but his former manager, the appropriately surnamed Don Wild (Law and Order's Christopher Meloni) will consider signing him up if he can get the band back together. There are a couple of insurmountable problems with that, but nothing it seems will stand in Maxxx's way, even if that inevitably means getting it all horribly wrong. Moods are misjudged, opportunities are chucked away, and self-realisation is always held at arm's length as one daft misstep follows another.

Created, written and starring O-T Fagbenle, Maxxx is an enjoyable slab of sitcom fodder, our anti-hero crashing through a series of calamities and disasters, somehow failing to see the brutal truth about himself until much later when it's pointed out by an unlikely saviour. The cringe factor is strong here but Fagbenle's steamroller performance keeps things on track while Pippa Bennett-Warner is fun as his reluctant agent, and Helen Monks elongates a few boundaries as Maxxx's cousin and feckless PA Rose. And tempting as it inevitably was, there could have been one or two less jokes about Maxxx's resemblance to Craig David.

Watch on Channel 4, starts on Thursday 29 October, 10pm.

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