This article has been written with the support of St Andrew's Fair Saturday.

Showcase your talent and support social change with St Andrew's Fair Saturday

Showcase your talent and support social change with St Andrew's Fair Saturday

As many events move online they need you to make this year's festival the biggest one yet

With the sense of solidarity that marked the early months of the pandemic being severely tested, mobilising people around a shared desire for societal change and love for the arts couldn't be more called for. That's where St Andrew's Fair Saturday comes in – three days of fun-filled festivities devoted to culture, good causes and the celebration of St Andrew's Day – and they're asking individuals, cultural organisations and venues to get involved.

Taking place from Sat 28–Mon 30 Nov, St Andrew's Fair Saturday is Scotland's contribution to the Fair Saturday global movement, whose success has seen participation grow year-on-year since its inception in 2014. With events kicking off the day after Black Friday, it seeks to counter that day's consumerism in a positive way by prioritising culture, and empathy towards the most vulnerable, ultimately with a view to building a better, fairer future for us all.

This year, most of the action will move online through Fair Saturday's pioneering events platform, making the events more accessible than ever, and promoting new forms of cultural and artistic content creation. Given the developing situation, the organisers have also maintained a flexible approach, ensuring both the safety of those involved and that the celebration can continue whatever the scenario. Those looking to contribute can opt for deferred streaming, where you record your event in advance, via live streaming, or a hybrid which will allow you to promote and put on a face-to-face event should circumstances allow, and to upload it.

St Andrew's Fair Saturday prides itself on being a participatory festival, which welcomes both amateurs and professionals from public or private organisations anywhere in Scotland, specialising in any artistic discipline. It gives participants the chance to be part of a unique event, to promote and get paid for their work, stream it online, support social projects and be supported themselves by the Fair Saturday Foundation.

In these times of complexity and uncertainty, this three-day nationwide celebration is a chance to lift our spirits, share experiences, be inspired, and remind ourselves what's important. It promises to run the gamut of creativity, with music, theatre, fine art, dance, poetry, circus performances, photography, literature and more expected.

Whether you've got something to share, or you're simply looking to engage with the arts, why not help Scotland be amongst those countries leading the way for global change and cultural appreciation? And for those keen to showcase their work, the registration and uploading period for content ends on Fri 27 Nov, so you'd better get cracking.

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St Andrew's Fair Saturday

A day devoted to culture, social causes and the celebration of St Andrew's Day.