Housemates' saucy dance

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 August 2008


The housemates struggled to get to grips with some of the 'Thriller' dance moves this afternoon. The 'Big Brother' contestants must recreate the iconic music video to the Michael Jackson song - with Nicole taking the part of Michael and Rex acting as choreographer - but some of them found it hard to get into the zombie mindset.

When it came to the section where the dancers grabbed the front of their trousers, some of the boys found it hard to suppress their giggles.

Ignoring the smutty overtones, Rex said patiently: "You grab your crotch with your left hand."

An enthusiastic Darnell began practicing the move with Sara and announced: "That's the best move right there. Woah, get in!"

He then began singing to the tune of 'Thriller' but swapped the verses for his own lyrics.

Darnell sang: "Seeexxxx seeexxxxx..."

Trying to keep people's minds on the task in hand, Lisa said: "You've just woke up from the dead, you've been disturbed and you're not happy."

Ruining her efforts, Mikey shouted: "And the first thing you do if you've been asleep for 40,000 years is rub your crotch!"

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