Jamie T - album review (3 stars)

Jamie T

Panic Prevention (Virgin)


Instantly labelled as a ‘troubadour’, seemingly this year’s music journalism cliché de rigeur, Jamie T and his bass guitar pop has enjoyed a year of steadily conscripting devotees to his cause.

Striking a lyrical balance between mockney Skinnerisms and wistful romance, Panic Prevention is at its best when it’s just T and his guitar. The characters starring in songs like ‘Back in the Game’ intentionally evoke some of the atmosphere of ‘London Calling’ era Clash, but others are ham-strung by over production. Early single ‘Sheila’ is guiltiest of this sin - a perfectly decent song thickly daubed with unnecessary keyboards and strings - and unavoidably taints an otherwise strong album.

Jamie T

London-based rap and reggae artist.

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