Natalie Lowe's hair fell out during live show

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  • 16 October 2020
Natalie Lowe and Greg Rutherford

Natalie Lowe and Greg Rutherford

'Strictly Come Dancing' star Natalie Lowe has revealed that her hair once fell out during a live show

Natalie Lowe's hair once fell out during a 'Strictly Come Dancing' live show.

The 40-year-old star – who has danced alongside the likes of Ricky Whittle, Scott Maslen and Greg Rutherford – admitted to suffering a series of mishaps during her time on the BBC show.

She shared: "I’ve had my stockings get caught in Scott Maslen’s flies during an Argentine tango lift, a sleeve wrap around a partner’s head and choke them, shoes slip on the stairs.

"But that is why dress rehearsals are in full outfits, as nine times out of 10 you end up rushing to the sewing room attached to your partner to get fixed.

"Live shows aren’t always perfect – my hair has fallen out and Erin Boag lost her weaves."

Natalie has also appeared on Australia's 'Dancing with the Stars', and she's suffered similar dramas there, too.

The Sydney-born star told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "In the Australian version my partner’s mic caught in my dress in a salsa and tangled us up.

"The mics are in our bra cups, and the dress ladies have to get very creative to make sure we don’t have strange lumps, and look well-balanced!"

Natalie revealed that the show's distinctive wardrobe – and the Cuban heels in particular – has proven to be a challenge for the celebrities.

Speaking about former Olympian Audley Harrison, she said: "He has something insane like a size 16 foot, and would have done himself an ankle injury with his boxer’s physique. He was like, ‘I’ll just have to stand here and move my bum instead!'"

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