Sex Education star Mirren Mack wishes every school had their own Gillian Anderson

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 October 2020
Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

'Sex Education' actress Mirren Mack admitted she wishes "there was a Gillian Anderson in every school" because of her character's approach to sensitive conversations

'Sex Education' star Mirren Mack wishes "there was a Gillian Anderson in every school".

The actress – who played asexual student Florence in the second series of the Netflix comedy drama – heaped praise on her co-star's portrayal of sex therapist Dr. Jean Milburn, and the way the character approaches sensitive conversations.

She told "Literally, if there was a Gillian Anderson in every school I think everyone would be a lot happier coming out of their high school years, because yeah – her character is just brilliant and so magnetic as well.

"She’s someone you feel like you’d want to go to – there’s no judgement in the room, she’s just brilliant.”

Mirren "hugely, hugely enjoyed" her time on the show, and she was delighted with the way her own character's story played out on screen.

She added: "I likewise thought Florence was such a force to be reckoned with, and also she had such a brilliant and educational storylines for those of us weren’t as experienced or, for me, it opened my eyes to the hugely wide spectrum of sexuality and it shows us that.

"It opens our eyes to how different each of us are and our experiences, and I think it’s a wonderful show and I love being a part of it and I loved playing Florence.”

Meanwhile, Mirren – who admitted she feels anxious watching characters touch on screen amid the coronavirus pandemic – joked that viewers might struggle with 'Sex Education'.

She quipped: "If you’re panicking about that [seeing characters touch post-pandemic], then yeah 'Sex Education' will definitely up your heart rate, make you a bit more nervous about the spread [of COVID-19].”