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TheVeganKind beauty box review: 'Finding and falling for cruelty-free and climate-conscious brands becomes easy and enjoyable'

TheVeganKind beauty box review:

TheVeganKind September Beauty Box

TheVeganKind aids the vegan beauty industry in a brilliant way by connecting brands with the right audience

Beauty box subscriptions have been booming for a decade now. Teams of knowledgeable and passionate editors and staff curate and deliver a whole host of sought-after and surprise products to beauty lovers at home. Over the last few years, subscription boxes have evolved and now cater to a whole host of mainstream and niche interests and lifestyles. For vegans, TheVeganKind is paving the way with vegan beauty and vegan lifestyle subscription boxes. Both deliver 100% cruelty-free, eco-friendly (where possible) vegan goodies to vegans and climate-conscious shoppers.

TheVeganKind beauty box aids the vegan beauty industry in a brilliant way by connecting established and up-and-coming British and international vegan brands with the right audience. Though not a vegan, I have a meat-free diet and look for 100% cruelty-free on the labels of all skincare and beauty products. If not plastic-free, then 100% recyclable or sustainably made packaging is important to me. Beauty products traditionally come in hard to clean and recycle packaging, but in 2020, there are plenty of recycling schemes to take advantage of. If your roadside collection can't help, check for local Terracycle drop-off locations or and return and recycle schemes from high street brands like Lush, The Body Shop, Boots, and & Other Stories, among others.

My first beauty box from TheVeganKind arrived in September and I was impressed with the speed of my first delivery (new subscriptions start on the month of sign up, not the following one) and the cardboard packaging. Each box comes with up to seven products and a leaflet detailing how to use them (and often an exclusive discount code for future purchases). I really enjoyed the variety of my first delivery, from a perfume sample to a botanically infused hair mask, and the delivery prompted me to take some time out for self-care and to restock my bathroom with 'guilt-free' beauty. I have worked my way through most of the products, with the exception of the MUA eye shadow palette, which is too colourful for me. To avoid wasting this unwanted beauty box item I passed it onto a friend who is a little more adventurous with their lids. I hope this is something I can do with any unwanted items in the future (or better yet, I hope not to have to!).

Aside from MUA (which is available in Superdrug), every brand in the box was a new discovery for me. A highlight of the September box was the Avant 8-hour radiance renewal sleeping mask. It retails at a staggering £85, and, with beauty boxes coming in at £12.75 + P&P, this is a good example of the box's unmatched value for money.

TheVeganKind beauty box review:

TheVeganKind October Beauty Box

I was happy with my September box, but when my October box arrived, that's when I started to get excited about future deliveries from TheVeganKind. The October box contained products I have been struggling to replace with affordable vegan options: a face mask and exfoliator. As someone with sensitive skin, these are two products that I have to be extra selective with. The natural ingredients fuelling the ZERO face scrub and the Jorgobé peel off mask caused no irritation and left me with glowing skin.

The ZERO exfoliator is definitely a favorite from this delivery and is a brand I will buy independently in the future. The packaging is 100% recyclable and all their products are 100% natural and plant-based. Though ZERO has bagged numerous beauty accolades, without TheVeganKind introducing it to my skincare routine, I'd be none the wiser – a testament to the beauty box concept in action.

Overall TheVeganKind's beauty box has been both fun and useful to receive. Each delivery champions self-care and each product has been of high quality. Most products are full size, unlike other beauty boxes that send sample size items, which is another plus. TheVeganKind's subscription service makes finding and falling for vegan, cruelty-free, ethical and climate-conscious brands easy and enjoyable. It's not a service I'll use forever, but will certainly do so until the shine wears off, or my bathroom cabinets begin to overflow.

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