Anthea Turner felt 'vilified' after eating a chocolate bar on her wedding day

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  • 9 October 2020
Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

Former 'Blue Peter' star Anthea Turner felt "vilified" after she was pictured eating a Cadbury chocolate bar on her wedding day

Anthea Turner felt "vilified" after she ate a chocolate bar on her wedding day.

The former 'Blue Peter' presenter famously tucked into a Cadbury's Snowflake as she married Grant Bovey in 2000, and some people claimed she had staged the photo for profit.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I was vilified. You’d have thought I had single-handedly manufactured Covid-19 in the laboratory and released it to the masses.

"I received this barrage of abuse and was accused of selling out at my own wedding. I honestly didn’t receive a penny for that photo and had no idea at the time the furore it would cause.

"The photo wasn’t taken by the official photographer and I never thought it was going to be made public."

Anthea and Grant – who divorced in 2015 – were both already married when they met in 1998, and the 60-year-old star felt like she was constantly "apologising" for a long time after their big day.

She added: "For years, I felt like I needed to apologise for myself – apologising for just being, apologising for the fact I had an affair with a married man, apologising for the fact I apparently did this heinous thing with a bar of Cadbury’s.

“I didn’t want to see anyone, and to this day there are friends I have lost because I was too ashamed or embarrassed to speak to them after the wedding. I went underground.

"Even walking down the street, I was embarrassed – I felt everyone hated me, or was staring at me. It was like being naked all the time. I felt absolutely stripped."

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