Gareth Pierce reveals Corrie and The Archers 'overlap' and he'd love Ryan Thomas return

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  • 8 October 2020
Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

'Coronation Street' newcomer Gareth Pierce is "doing a lot of driving" between Birmingham and Manchester because he is still recording 'The Archers' while filming his role of Todd Grimshaw in the ITV soap - and he would love Ryan Thomas to return as his on-screen brother

'Coronation Street' newcomer Gareth Pierce is still recording 'The Archers' while starring on the ITV soap – and he would love Ryan Thomas to return to the show.

The former 'Stella' star has joined the cast as Todd Grimshaw, but he is still lending his voice to the character of Gavin Moss in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera, admitting there is "some overlap".

He said: "I am doing a lot of driving at the moment! 'The Archers' is back recording in Birmingham.

"There will be some overlap. Gavin may well see justice and get his comeuppance. But I don’t know yet how that happens."

Gareth replaced Bruno Langley in the role – after the original Todd actor was axed when he pleaded guilty to sexual assault following an incident at a Manchester nightclub in 2017 – and he watched footage of the character before his screentest to ensure he brought some of Todd's "cheekiness" and "arrogance" to the character.

He said: "I can take a lot of confidence from Kate Ford and Ben Price who were cast to play roles played by someone else – it is an accepted convention in soap but I can see how it might be daunting.

"I watched footage ahead of the screentest as I wanted to drill down to what the core characteristics of Todd – cheekiness, some arrogance, he’s a bit of a chameleon and able to be different with people.

"Now it’s about taking Todd forward now and bringing what I can to the character. I didn’t want to just be an impersonation. The fantastic team of writers, storylines and producers are still all in place. They all helped to make Todd an iconic character."

Gareth has also admitted he would love Ryan Thomas to return to the soap, as his on-screen brother Jason Grimshaw.

He said: "I don’t know Ryan. We haven’t met or worked together before.

"It’s funny, actually, because the on-set family photos in number 11, in the Grimshaws' house, all the Todd ones are now pictures from my childhood but then they’re mixed in with Ryan’s childhood photos as Jason, so it does oddly feel as if there’s this brotherly connection, even though we haven’t actually met.

"So absolutely, I think it would be really exciting to do that if that ever came about but I don’t know about that."

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