The Wrong Door (1 star)

BBC3, Thu 28 Aug, 10.30pm


There’s only one thing worse than a really bad sketch show. And that’s a really bad sketch show that has had absolutely loads of money thrown at it. So much dosh has been set aside for the special effects in The Wrong Door that no one seems to have stopped to think for a single minute that perhaps some resources should have been ploughed into that traditional element of the sketch show format: the writing.

So, we have set-ups such as a genetic experiment that goes horribly awry to create the World’s Most Annoying Creature, a 50ft robot terrorising London in order to locate its keys, and a woman who starts dating a dinosaur. What’s most upsetting is seeing the talented likes of Matt Berry popping up in such dross. The Wrong Door is another bad move by the once infallible BBC3.


1. BruceEBonus31 Aug 2008, 5:19pm2 stars The Wrong Door Report

The Wrong Door had a great concept ... a la Armando Iannucci's Time Trumpet. The difference was - the latter was funny. You dont need me to tell you that 'wunnerful' effects (via a Mac and a compositing-effects program called Shake) alone - does a decent comedy program make. The Wrong Door's big failing was the lack of substance behind the style. It started well. I thought the giant robot looking for car keys worked. Just. However the rest fell to pieces with running 'gags' that would've been binned anywhere else. The Most Annoying Creature - was just that. The Dating Dinosaur sketch - just annoying. Time Trumpet used similar CGI effects but mixed in social comment and observation. The Wrong Door's material seems to have been put together in an editing studio - with the staff saying ... "Look what else this snazzy kit can do- quick - write a sketch round it". If this is first episode is reflective of the quality of the remaining series' content - then it was a great concept-idea that maybe should've stayed at the pilot stage. Its main failing is its total reliance on 'effects-centricity'.A bit like eating a box of sickly chocolates in one go. It starts off like an indulgent treat - but its not long before you get a bit tired of the idea and by the end of the deal - you soon realise theres a lot behind the adage 'a little of what you like does you good'. The emphasis here, being on the word 'little'. However -I've given The Wrong Door two stars. One- for the 20% of the show that works and the other for the decent standard of actors and acting throughout. Negative marks go down for generally the poor scriptwriting, editing and direction for the remaining 80%. Verdict: Great Idea. Crap Realisation. Moral Of The Tale: Less Means More. Go on YouTube and type in "Time Trumpet" to find out why!. Cheers, readers!

2. Quenby238 Sep 2008, 1:28am1 star The Wrong Door Report

Another very poor offering from the BBC. What has happened to the standard of comedy shows on TV these days? The writing was so abysmal on this tragedy of a show, it should never have made it to our screens. The ideas which have clearly been taken seriously by the creative team behind this poor effort are ineffective and childish. There is little class and no panache to warrant the large sums of money spent on it. It would seem that the comissioners at BBC 3 need to have their P45s handed to them for gambling on this kind of mechanical dross. Fart gags and a man being run over by a car... weak. The superhero sketch was taken from the movie with Ben Stiller and ...oh just can it. One to miss.

3. Bobelix16 Oct 2008, 2:17am5 stars The Wrong Door Report

Although episode 1 has probably been the weakest, I still thought it had the kind of innate quirkiness that usually translates into cult status.
Subsequent episodes have shown steady improvement and my teenage kids and I regularly crease up at the superhero auditions.
My favourite bit so far has been the obscene aliens - I know the jokes aren't exactly subtle, but there's something about them being delivered straight-faced by a knob-nosed alien that I found hysterical!
I think your previous reviewers are maybe a bit too anal-retentive to appreciate a show that leans to the laxative side:)

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