The Wrong Door (1 star)

BBC3, Thu 28 Aug, 10.30pm


There’s only one thing worse than a really bad sketch show. And that’s a really bad sketch show that has had absolutely loads of money thrown at it. So much dosh has been set aside for the special effects in The Wrong Door that no one seems to have stopped to think for a single minute that perhaps some resources should have been ploughed into that traditional element of the sketch show format: the writing.

So, we have set-ups such as a genetic experiment that goes horribly awry to create the World’s Most Annoying Creature, a 50ft robot terrorising London in order to locate its keys, and a woman who starts dating a dinosaur. What’s most upsetting is seeing the talented likes of Matt Berry popping up in such dross. The Wrong Door is another bad move by the once infallible BBC3.


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