Big bore Rex

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  • 19 August 2008


Rex lectured Lisa about being Head of the 'Big Brother' house today. The arrogant chef - who is leading the group this week - announced he thought he was being a brilliant Head, and then listed the reasons why his reign was so successful.

He said: "I think that when you go into the Diary Room and they ask you, 'What are you going to bring as Head of House?' judging on what you say, they help you do it."

A bored looking Lisa snuggled under her duvet and grunted, seemingly in an attempt to hush Rex.

However, her efforts went unnoticed and Rex continued: "So I said, you know, I want to bring fun, party, entertainment to the House and I think I'm the best person to do it. And obviously what they do is listen, almost like it's a request, if you see what I mean."

Again, Lisa failed to acknowledge Rex's comments, but he continued regardless.

He said: "I'll give you another example. Mikey obviously went in there and said, 'There's going to be no sleeping in my week, everyone's going to be going to bed on time, blah blah blah.' Big Brother has heard that and given us f**k all to do in the week, just putting an alarm in the rooms and looking for people who are sleeping in the day."

At last Lisa decided to expel some of her own words of wisdom, saying: "Yeah, there was lot of that going on."

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