Housemates' thrilling task

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  • 19 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates will re-enact the iconic video to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' for this week's shopping task. The contestants were woken by the song this morning, and immediately began speculating about whether the tune might feature in their upcoming challenge.

Darnell was the first to recognise the song, saying: "Is this 'Thriller'? It is 'Thriller'! No s**t!"

Rex yelled: "No way!"

Obviously thinking of the music video, which sees a group of zombies dancing to the music, Rachel muttered: "Ooh, scary stuff."

Lisa started mimicking a zombie, which Mikey gamely attempting to throw some 80s shapes in the bedroom.

Quick-witted Sara was the first to make the link between the track and the task, saying: "That was the best alarm ever. Imagine if we do this as our task."

Mikey added: "I want to be a zombie. Blind people are good at being zombies. I'm a zombie all day long."

Later (12.05pm), the contestants were told to gather on the sofa while Head of House Rex went to collect the shopping task instructions.

He returned with a laminate explaining the group would be dressing as zombies and recreating the 'Thriller' video.

Rex will act as choreographer and must ensure the rest of the group put in as much effort as possible before their final performance tomorrow afternoon.

The contestants were played the video, prompting a host of screams and shouts.

Rex was then asked to pick one person to act as Michael Jackson in the performance.

After moaning that he wanted to take the part, he awarded it to his girlfriend Nicole, saying: "Due to the fact that everyone else has had loads of tasks, I'm going to appoint Nicole as Michael Jackson."

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